Future Faces NYC Nina Lubarda has a worldwide reputation as one of the top children exclusive agencies. Future Faces NYC is well known for their great care of their models, excellent representation, long-term relationships with agencies around the globeFuture Faces NYC Nina Lubardahas maintained a primary focus on marketing and management of a select group of top children fashion models & internationally recognised names who have developed and expanded their careers into different fields of fashion and other areas including cinema, television, music and a specific & exclusive group of both commercial & editorial image models.

With looks that embody the most current trends, Future Faces NYC Models' clients are style-setting celebrities gracing renowned fashion publications, television and movie screens, prestigious ad campaigns and ultra-chic catwalks from New York to London and Paris to Milan.

Future Faces has always provided its clients with a selection of models based on quality over quantity as well as very personal and individual talent management. Future Faces's board is composed only of very carefully selected models.

Unlike many other agencies in New York, Future Faces NYC has been known for being a "boutique agency" with a different approach. Refusing to be a factory, Future Faces NYC does not sign models with a hit or miss approach in hopes of finding a few that will make it out of the many. Instead, Future Faces NYC carefully handpicks each model with the certainty of them succeeding.

how to get your kids in commercials, film, television, child modeling, magazines and print without spending a lot of money

Can your child work in this business?
Without seeing a photo or two and without some basic information it would be impossible
to give a meaningful reply, therefore the following must be submitted with ALL inquiries by click on BECOME A MODEL on the first page of our website:

1. full name of parent

2. name and exact age of child

3. city and state

4. day time phone and cell phone

5. a small JPG photo or two of talent

One of the biggest factors used to determine eligibility is willingness and ability to take direction
and follow simple instructions - so be sure to follow instructions exactly as outlined above.

(We will not have time to email back and forth trying to piece together missing photos, missing contact info,
missing stats, etc. Therefore, incomplete submissions will automatically go to the bottom of the list.)

Simple snapshots are preferred.

MINIMUM AGE for submission is 3 months - U.S. RESIDENTS ONLY PLEASE.


Child modelling can be extremely rewarding for both the child and the parent. There is also great satisfaction in seeing your child on TV, in a magazine, catalogue or on a new pack of pampers, which can often outweigh any amount of money earned. Modelling can be extremely exciting and great fun. Modelling introduces you and your baby to a whole new world of design, fashion, glamour and potential success.
As a model you get to meet and work with so many different and interesting people, from professional photographers, to large corporate companies, even celebrities are just a few of the different kinds of people we deal with in the modelling industry. Modelling is a career and should be approached professionally.
Are people always saying "what a beautiful baby you have"? We are constantly looking for new faces to represent our clients. If you think your baby has what it takes to become a model, then why get a professional opinion. It only takes 2 minutes to complete our online registration at click on BECOME A MODEL and upload two digital photographs to REGISTRATION FORM.

Q. How does Nina Lubarda KIDS Future Faces NYC work?
A. Applications are made every day on our site and we decide which children are to become registered models. Once we receive your application, we will respond within few days. If successful, your baby will have their own personal portfolio for clients to see.

Q. Do you accept everyone who applies?
A. Appearing on the 1st page of many major search engines, we receive many applications every week. We accept very limited amount of these applications, based upon location, age and look. We only take on babies and toddlers who we believe have the highest possible chance of finding work.

Q. Does it matter where I live?
A. We have clients all over the country. The majority of work is primarily in Manhattan, with our main locations being New York City.

Q. Once my child is registered, are they guaranteed work?
A. No agency can absolutely guarantee you work; if they do, think about joining another agency. Please be aware that it is always the client's decision as to the child that is chosen. What we do guarantee is that we only take babies, children and teenagers onto our books who we feel that we can successfully place in jobs.

Q. What happens once my child is registered with the NINA LUBARDA FUTURE FACES NYC agency?
A. Your child will be put forward for all suitable opportunities, based on briefs sent to us by our clients. Q. How can I help my baby get work? A. In order to maintain your baby's chances of getting a work assignment; it is really important to keep your photos on the website, up to date.

Q. How will I know when a client is interested in my baby?
A. Our agency NINA LUBARDA MODEL MANAGEMENT FUTURE FACES NYC will contact you by telephone and email to provide you with the details of your booking. Please note, that the agency will contact you only when we have a definite booking for you. The agency is simply too busy to contact models if a client has only expressed an interest in the model or if the agency is in the negotiation stage of the booking. professional photographs or your own.

Q. Can you tell me how many jobs I can expect to receive?
A. This is an impossible question to answer as each model's work rate is reliant on many different factors. Some models "hit it off" quicker than others and seem to secure every job for which they are auditioned. Others take a little longer to warm up and yet once they do there is sometimes no stopping them. A great deal depends on which look and what age group the client requires for the job. But always remember some of our biggest "stars" are just normal kids having fun and enjoying themselves.

Q. How much can I earn?
A. It depends on the level of advertising campaign or commercial you child will book. The budget for each job will be emailed to you along with the booking confirmation.

Q. Who will take the photographs for my folio?
A. Most of our kids models start out by using professional photos to get as many as possible requested go sees. Once you get bookings for jobs you can use the resulting images. If you would like professional shots, please let us know and we can arrange this for you.

Q. When do auditions and jobs take place?
A. The majority of work takes place Monday to Friday, and it is important that you keep us up to date with your unavailability dates throughout the year. Occasionally clients will hold Auditions or Shoots on the weekend so keep that in mind when giving us your unavailability dates. School age children will be seen for Auditions between 4 and 6pm in order not to conflict with school. However, shoots can take place any time during the day. Pre-school children will generally be seen earlier on in the day as clients want to see your child at their best. Regardless of age all auditions tend to be very short notice, you will usually be contacted the day before any job so you need to be as flexible as possible.

A. NINA LUBARDA FUTURE FACES NYC offer a professional, committed service and have great experience in children modelling. Unlike other agencies, we specialise primarily in kids modelling. We are constantly working with clients to assist them for their advertising needs. We represent most adorable children are we are one of the most selective kids model agency.

Q. Once my baby is registered. Are we guaranteed work?
A. No agency can absolutely guarantee you work; if they do, think about joining another agency. Please be aware that it is always the client's decision as to the child that is chosen. What we do guarantee is that we only take babies, children and teenagers onto our books who we feel that we can successfully place in jobs.

Q. Is there a joining fee?
A. NINA LUBARDA FUTURE FACES NYC do not charge representation fees, joining fees or upfront fees. Q. What do I do now? A. To apply, complete the online registration form and submit 2 suitable colour photographs. We will then assess the application you will receive a response within few days.